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Suspended Ceiling Trends 2024 - KRAFT experts for the magazine “Architektura i biznes”

Within the special project "Ceilings and Ceiling Coverings - Trends 2024" the editorial staff of the respected European magazine  “Architektura i biznes”  asked Kraft Deckensysteme specialists for comments. We would like to present you a translation of the article.

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Every year, interior design continues to progress, introducing new trends and innovations that reflect today's tastes and needs. Suspended ceilings are rapidly converting from a functional solution which hides communications into a basis for creating a stylish and modern interior. They become a canvas for creativity, allowing you to express the individuality and uniqueness of each room. 

Along with classic options such as smooth white surfaces, now in trend are suspended ceilings with patterns, geometric shapes, asymmetry, 3D effects, volumetric elements, integrated lighting and other design techniques. Designers of Kraft Deckensysteme Poland follow the latest trends in suspended ceiling design and offer ready-made solutions using Kraft products. Let's take a look at some of them.
1. Wave-shaped rail suspended ceiling
Natural materials such as wood create a feeling of coziness and warmth in rooms. If you take care of nature, you can achieve the same effect by using metal rail with a high-quality wood texture. The appearance of the rail is just as good as the original, but its performance is better than wooden rail. By utilizing Kraft's flexible traverse, the designer was able to place the rail along the curved trajectory. The wavy shape of the suspended ceiling emphasizes the purpose of the space and makes this interior eye catchy.
2. Cube shaped-rail suspended ceiling in combination with eco design
The interior of this restaurant creates a unique atmosphere that combines natural elements and modern comfort. Due to the abundance of natural light and natural greenery on the ceiling in combination with a cube-shaped rail, visitors will have an impression that they are in an outdoor gazebo.
3. Two-color large rail suspended ceiling
Kelly Hoppen, British interior designer, emphasised: "My design is based on symmetry, on the orderliness of a linear world. But sometimes I like to turn things upside down and blow up frozen shapes with different asymmetrical details." In this case, the design of the rail suspended ceiling was based on the same principle. If you use this design solution, the space will immediately feel deeper and larger.
4. Two-level suspended ceiling with a combination of rail and open cell ceiling
The interior of this space is characterized by an interesting solution. Different types of suspended ceilings have different functions.  The upper, dark brown ceiling level is made of a solid array of classic KRAFT suspended ceiling. The main purpose of this level is to hide communications. But at the same time it is used as a background for the second, decorative level. On the lower level there is a cube-shaped rail with light wood texture, which contrasts with the dark background and perfectly matches the general color scheme of the whole interior. The columns in the room are also decorated with a cube-shaped rail.
5. Unexpected way of use a T-profile structure without acoustic plates
It is impossible to say at the first sight what type of suspended ceilings are used in this interior. The ceiling partly reminds open cell ceiling, partly rail suspended ceilings. The secret is that in this room is used the standard KRAFT Fortis T-profile, which is often applied to ceilings with acoustic plates. In this case, the T-profile construction with a 150 mm pitch is used as an independent solution.
6. Use of cube-shaped rail for facade cladding
KRAFT cube-shaped rail with wooden texture was chosen to clad the facades of the houses. There was used an alternation of 35 mm mm wide 88 mm wide rail in order to enrich the facade and maintain the chosen style. Due to these factors the facade reminds of braided furniture located on the territory of a recreation center. The combination of the natural environment and the area with the prevalence of light and beige natural tones looks very harmonious.
7. Using the pitch and height of the rail for creating three-dimensional shapes on the ceiling
In this interior, the designer used an alternation of rails based on using different  height and pitch. This implementation is really fascinating.
Use of neighboring rails of different heights. The height of the KRAFT cube-shaped rail can be 35-105 mm with a pitch of 10 mm. A height difference of 70 mm is clearly visible from any distance and the 10 mm pitch gives the impression of a smooth transition from a lower to a higher rail. 
A choice to use a different rail pitch in order to create shapes. The designer chose a rail pitch of 104 mm in order to create shapes. Due to this he gained more space for creativity. So neighboring rails cross each other. And at the places where rail cross each other they form different patterns that looks great in the overall design.
8. Combination of acoustic plates, mesh panels and cube-shaped rail
How can you add your personality to an ordinary office space? With the help of original suspended ceilings, of course. By combining different types of ceilings and placing color accents, the designer managed to achieve impressive results. Due to these solutions, the strict linear design in the working area looks much more interesting. And rail inserts at the angle to the main rails make it clear to visitors and employees that this area is intended for relaxation and more informal communication.
9. Design schemes for open cell suspended ceilings

Open cell ceiling doesn't have so much design possibilities as rail ceilings. But such nuances have never stopped  creative people. We will show you an examples of some of the open cell ceiling design schemes based on the use of different different color in the cassettes which form different shapes and patterns on the ceiling. This approach is similar to ASCII graphics, where individual characters are arranged in a specific pattern.

10. Cube-shaped rail ceilings with a smooth transition to the walls
This example of interior design shows the possibilities of individual mountings of the KRAFT cube-shaped rail. A conventional ceiling rail is mounted on a traverse, which limits its non-linear application. But individual mountings put no bounds to your creativity. You can place the rail at any angle and in any combination.
11. New design options with KRAFT Plate-shaped rail
In this interior you can see a multi-level plate-shaped rail suspended ceiling. The construction is used for design purposes and does not affect functionality of the ceiling. Several levels of different lengths placed one above the other give an impression of a larger room. Green lighting on the bar creates interesting color effects: the rails seem to be painted with gradient transitions. And the most important thing is that the installation of this multi-level suspended ceiling is not technically difficult at all.
12. Combination of cube-shaped rail and open cell ceiling for ceiling and walls
In the interior of the hotel foyer you can see several design solutions at once. Firstly, a combination of two types of suspended ceilings. There are used linear strip ceilings and pyramidal open cell ceiling. Secondly, you can see different combinations of graphite and chocolate colours. Thirdly, a flexible traverse is used to create a smooth transition of the cube-shaped rail from the ceiling to the walls. Rounded surfaces also complement the overall design of the interior and furniture. As a result, the room looks discreet.
Instead of a conclusion
As you can see, at this phase of technological progress, suspended ceilings offer designers and architects almost unlimited possibilities for realizing their creative ideas. Many of the concepts created by the KRAFT designers were later realized in real objects.
Flexibility, functionality and creative design options make modern suspended ceilings the perfect choice for creating a stylish and contemporary space. 

We wish you inspiration!

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