FAQ: open cell ceilings grilyato

/ FAQ: open cell ceilings grilyato

Suspended ceilings grilyato KRAFT - types of grilyato, material, packaging, cost, cell size, options for use, lighting, configuration calculation

1. What types of grilyato do you produce? What are the differences between the types of grilyato? What is the difference between classic grilyato and GLK grilyato? What is the difference between regular and pyramidal grilyato?

KRAFT Deckensysteme manufactures several types and modifications of open cell ceilings grilyato. The main types of KRAFT grilyato:
- Classical
- Pyramidal
- Cassette grilyato GLK.

The main differences of types of grilyato:
- Profile configuration. Classic grilyato and grilyato GLK have a U-shaped profile. Pyramidal grilyato has a Y-shaped profile.
- Profile Width. The profile width of classic grilyato is 9 mm, grilyato GLK - 15 mm. Profile width of pyramidal grillato is 9 mm in the narrowest place and 50 mm in the widest.
- Installation method. Classic and pyramidal grilyato are self-supported structures. Grilyato GLK is mounted on a frame made of KRAFT Fortis T-profile. GLK grilyato is the most convenient option for mounting and dismounting the construction (e.g. for technical works with communications in the ceiling space), because the cassettes are easily removed from the construction and mounted back. For dismantling/installation of classic or pyramidal grilyato it is better to invite specialists.

Also popular is grilyato "blinds". Such grilyato has not square, but rectangular cells and can be made on the basis of any type of grilyato: classic, pyramidal, grilyato GLK. 

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